Dental Implants

At Thoroughdent Smiles, our team has been educated and trained in all tooth replacement options. One of our more popular options is dental implants. Tooth removal is usually the result of a non-restorable tooth after years of decay and disease or immediately following trauma. It is imperative to evaluate tooth replacement options at the time of removal to ensure proper bone care and gum healing. It may also be necessary for bone augmentation or bone grafting to take place at the time of tooth removal to ensure a proper foundation for future implant restoration. If there is adequate bone, your dentist at Thoroughdent Smiles will evaluate the potential for implant restoration in the area of tooth loss.


Although the image of a dental implant may spark some fear, we are constantly informed by patients that their discomfort level after implant placement is minimal and temporary. Your dentist at Thoroughdent Smiles will place the implant in the necessary position for tooth replacement and allow it to heal for two to six months depending on several factors. During that time, a temporary replacement tooth will be evaluated and suggested for you depending on patient interest and location of the missing tooth. After two to six months, your dentist will restore your implant with a permanent, laboratory fabricated, esthetic and functional crown that is customized to your needs.  Your smile, comfort and ability to chew are our top priorities when it comes to dental implant restoration or any tooth replacement procedure.

Dental Implants Georgetown KY

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