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Dental emergencies can happen anytime. From a sensitive tooth that has been ignored to traumatic accidents, our office excels handling the most complicated of dental emergencies. When decay or a cavity has gotten large enough inside of a tooth, the tooth may become sensitive to hot and cold or even begin to ache. This aching may wakeup the patient from sleep or last several hours in the evenings. A toothache is not something to be ignored. While the tooth aches, bacteria are removing more tooth structure and potentially entering the head and neck area. Many patients have swelling, fever and notice a general lethargy during this time. It is imperative that dental and antibiotic treatment may begin at this time before the infection becomes a medical emergency requiring intravenous antibiotics and hospitalization.


Another common dental emergency is dental trauma. Commonly among children or impaired adults, slips and falls happen in an instant. The most important things to remember during this time is to evaluate the level of trauma. If a permanent tooth has been lost, place in a cup of the patients saliva or milk and get to our office immediately. If a permanent tooth has been chipped, retain the piece and avoid rapid changes in temperature until the tooth can be restored. If a child’s primary tooth has been lost, never put it back into the socket to avoid damage to the permanent tooth underlying. If a child’s primary tooth has been chipped, calm the child and pursue dental treatment with our clinic as soon as possible. We make it a point to see our patients within hours of dental emergencies. During dental emergencies it is imperative to stay calm and reach out to the office that you know will take care of you during your time of need, ThoroughDent Smiles. Only at ThoroughDent Smiles do you find a welcoming team of professionals trained to help your dental emergency.

Dental Emergency Georgetown KY

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