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Gum disease and dental caries are the leading causes of tooth loss. Dental caries (dental cavities or decay) are areas of the tooth missing due to bacterial infection. Many times, there are multiple causes for cavities. The causes can include diet, home hygiene, bacteria present in the mouth, and saliva quality just to name a few. Dietary concerns will be reviewed during dental cleanings as a way to review teeth-healthy foods and drinks. Healthy foods and drinks for your teeth include fruits and vegetables along with water and milk. These all have one thing in common which is low amounts of man-made sugars. In addition, fluoridated “tap” water is wonderful for strengthening remaining enamel and also to help your body produce more high quality saliva. High quality saliva has minerals and buffers present to fight back against aggressive bacteria and acid that can be found in the mouth.


Eighty percent of cavities begin in the deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. These areas are extremely important to clean during your home hygiene regimen. As suggested by the American Dental Association(hyperlink), brushing for two minutes twice daily and flossing before bed are absolute minimal standards in your oral hygiene routine. Your doctor and/or hygienist at Thoroughdent Smiles will help you evaluate your toothpaste, toothbrush, flossing technique and mouth rinse as necessary during your appointments at our office.


Gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease are all linked to bone loss and systemic inflammation. Periodontal disease is the presence of bacteria at or below the gum line which causes inflammation and bone loss around the teeth. This bone loss leads to tooth loss and has been linked to even more serious consequences such as heart attack and stroke.


The best way to detect gum disease and dental caries is through routine checkups, dental cleanings and plaque removal. At your appointment with Thoroughdent Smiles, we will evaluate the current health of your gums, bone levels, teeth and surrounding structures to ensure optimal oral health. Your gum disease and dental caries risk will be evaluated and the most proper type of dental cleaning will be customized for you. In the presence of healthy gums and bone, your dental prophylaxis will include plaque removal and polishing. In the presences of more severe bone loss or gum disease, a deeper scaling may need to take place with the use of anesthesia to assure complete removal of bacterial buildup below the gums. Of course, our patients are educated on their options in any scenario and these cleaning procedures only take place after permission from our patients that they are comfortable moving forward.

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