Thanksgiving Tips for a Healthy Smile

Thanksgiving Day Tips for a Healthy Smile

Thanksgiving Tips to a Healthy SmileThanksgiving is perhaps the most beloved holiday for us Americans. It brings family and friends together. This year, in particular, it seems like we have more to be thankful for as we celebrate with our favorite people.

There are some things about this holiday that can potentially lead to dental problems. As your favorite Georgetown dental clinic, we have some tips that can keep your smile healthy and bright all through the holidays. 

Indulge, But Be Wary

None of us can deny that one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the food. Thanksgiving Day often includes hours upon hours prepping delicious food, and of course, enjoying the food. It can be quite tempting to spend your day with loved ones sipping, snacking, and indulging. 

Indulging in your favorites is rarely a bad thing, but it’s good to be aware of what you’re indulging in. Alcohol can be a concern for the health of your teeth. Even slow sipping on a glass of bubbly or merlot can make it hard for your mouth to rebalance its pH levels. Another concern is that alcohol often contains high sugar levels, which can prove harmful for your teeth when you don’t get an opportunity to brush your teeth for hours on end. Alcohol can also reduce the production of saliva in your mouth. 

Balance it out by drinking plenty of water. This will keep you hydrated and feeling great and help rinse away some of the acids and bacteria in your mouth. As your dentist in Georgetown, KY, we also recommend taking a quick break to brush your teeth midday.

Skip The Crunch

One of the concerns patients come to us about, as their dentist open 6 days a week, includes cracked or chipped teeth. This can often become a concern for patients who crunch down on hard foods, like nuts and hard candies. Even seeds in bread and other delicious foods can pose a hazard to the health of your teeth.

If you’re going to enjoy these crunchy foods, just be aware as you’re chewing them. If you do experience any discomfort, Dr. Ben Kacos, an emergency dentist in Shreveport, LA, recommends that you stop eating immediately. Assess the damage, and be sure to make an appointment with us, your emergency dentist in Georgetown, KY.

Don’t Forget to Floss

Flossing is such an important part of ensuring your teeth and gums stay healthy. Pop your dental floss into your pocket or handbag before you head on out. After eating, particularly foods like turkey that can get stuck between your teeth, flossing can help keep cavities at bay.

It takes just a few minutes to floss! But it can contribute towards a lifetime of good dental health. Don’t forget to ask for flossing tips from us, your family dentist in Georgetown, KY.

Mind The Discomfort

If you feel any discomfort when you are eating and drinking, be aware of it. It’s not normal to feel discomfort or pain when eating and drinking. This could be a sign that you have decay in one or more of your teeth. Be sure to schedule a checkup with us, the best dentist in Georgetown, KY.

Refresh Your Smile

The holidays are a great opportunity to refresh your smile with whitening treatments. There will be ample opportunity for photos documenting your family togetherness. Make an appointment ThoroughDent Smiles for a checkup, professional cleaning and to explore whitening options.

You’ll be glad that you took the time to refresh your smile before seeing your family and friends this Thanksgiving.