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Dentures FAQ Georgetown KYIf you’re interested in options for tooth replacement in Georgetown, KY dental patients will learn there are several choices. When it comes to dental implants in Georgetown, the costs may be somewhat prohibitive for some who have a need for multiple replacement teeth. At our Georgetown dental clinic, we offer alternatives for patients who are looking for smile restoration solutions. Today on the blog, we are going through a Dentures FAQ, answering the most common questions we get from our patients.

How Do I Know If I’m a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Dentures are one of the oldest and still most popular options for the replacement of missing teeth. During your consultation with your dentist in Georgetown, KY, the health of your mouth can be evaluated. If you have remaining natural teeth that are not in good health, it may be the better option to extract them before they abscess.

Missing teeth and gaps in your smile typically make you a good candidate for dentures. A partial denture or a dental bridge may be the better option for some patients.

How Can Dentures Help My Smile?

Dentures can restore your smile! If you’ve been too embarrassed to smile due to missing teeth, you’ll find it much easier to break into a beautiful smile once those missing teeth have been replaced.

In addition to this renewed self-confidence, you could find that your dentures can restore your facial appearance by offering support for the muscles in your face. Missing teeth can result in a sunken appearance.

Will I Be Able to Eat Better With Dentures?

Generally speaking, you should find that it’s much more enjoyable to reach for those favorite foods once you have dentures. Missing teeth, infections, and even pain in your mouth can make it much more difficult to enjoy some of those healthy foods that you love.

By restoring your ability to bite and chew, and getting rid of that discomfort you may have been living with, you’ll find your food options open up wonderfully. Your improved oral health can help to improve your overall physical health.

Will it Be Hard to Adjust to Wearing Dentures?

You might be surprised at how quickly you adjust to wearing your dentures. There will be some differences that you need to get used to, but it won’t take too long.

It may feel uncomfortable when the dentures are first fitted, but in time you’ll adjust to how they feel and will soon barely recognize that they are there.

If you have questions about the adjustment period, remember that we are a dentist open 6 days a week. We’ll be available to help answer your questions to help you to transition to this new period.

Are Dentures Hard to Care For?

With the right care, your dentures should last for anywhere between five and seven years. You should remove them at night, prior to sleep. This will also give you the opportunity to clean the dentures while your gums get a rest from them.

We asked our friends over at 4th Street Family Dentistry, dentures St. Pete, what their advice was to maximize denture life length. They advised, to keep them from drying out, one should keep them in a denture bath. There are a number of safe and effective tablet soaks designed specifically for dentures. Brush your dentures as instructed and place them in the water with an effervescent tablet that will continue to clean them while you sleep. Be sure to use a toothbrush and denture toothpaste, as many other kinds of toothpaste on the market are too abrasive for the teeth on your dentures.

If you need recommendations for the right products to use on your dentures, call us. As the best dentist Georgetown, KY patients rely on, we pride ourselves in knowing the best products to meet your dental healthcare needs.

Will I Need to Use a Denture Adhesive?

Using a denture adhesive can be beneficial during the first few weeks of breaking in your dentures. The adhesive will help to keep your dentures stable in your mouth. It can also be beneficial if you have an inadequate supporting bone or some sort of abnormality in the supportive tissues in your mouth. 

Adhesives can also offer the comfort and stability you want to feel confident while wearing your dentures. It’s important to note that if your dentures are no longer fitting correctly, a denture adhesive is not the solution. An incorrect fit should be evaluated by your dentist.

Will Dentures Change the Way I Sound When I Talk?

Many denture wearers find that they do definitely sound different went they speak. You may hear you’ve developed a small lisp as you get used to the sensation of your tongue and lips touching the dentures.

But, the good news is that you will also find that you can speak with better clarity than you previously could with missing teeth. The lisp will fade as you adjust.

It can take some time to adjust to speaking with your dentures. But, as with many things, practice can help. The more that you speak with your dentures, the better you’ll find yourself sounding.

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