Invisalign Vs. Off-Brand Aligners

Are Off-Brand Aligners As Good as Invisalign?

Invisalign and Off-Brand AlignersNot everyone is lucky enough to be born with perfectly aligned teeth. For years, the only treatment for such individuals was metal braces. Though braces are quite effective, they are also quite conspicuous. When Invisalign came into the world, teens and young adults everywhere rejoiced. Since this treatment is expensive, we are often asked by patients what is the difference between Invisalign Vs. Off Brand Aligners. Today on the blog, we will be discussing Invisalign vs. Off-Brand Aligners

All clear aligners allow you to fix your smile on the down-low. After a decade of restoring smiles, every dentist in Georgetown, KY, would recommend Invisalign. However, the Invisalign program comes with a heavy price tag, especially for patients with complex issues.

To start, you will have to buy more aligners as your teeth shift into position. Because of this, you will need constant guidance from your Georgetown, KY dentist. Because of this, it isn’t cheap. This may turn off individuals who are looking for a more affordable option. Spotting a niche market, a couple of companies have introduced their own generic aligners to the teeth relining game. 

How Do Off-Brand Aligners Measure Up?

If you ask a cosmetic dentist in Georgetown, KY, about the cost of Invisalign aligners, you will probably receive a quote of around $3,000 to $5,000. If your case is severe, you may end up paying up to $8,000 for the whole treatment. Off-brand aligners, on the other hand, offer 6-month aligner treatments for around $2,000, but there’s a catch. This price tag doesn’t include the cost of x-rays, extra aligners for refinements or more complex cases, attachments for aligner grip, and the final retainers.

And most importantly, the price tag isn’t inclusive of the much needed professional guidance you will need during the entire process. If your issue isn’t resolved within six months, you may have to purchase extra aligners to complete the treatment, not to mention a pair of retainers to make sure your teeth don’t shift back to their original position. All of this is dependent on whether you’re lucky, and the treatment is relatively successful. 

Some Invisalign providers offer a $2,400 package for mild to moderate cases, including all aligners and retainers. At the end of the day, you may end up paying more for the ‘cheaper’ option than you would have with Invisalign.

Additionally, off-brand aligners like Smile Direct Club and Candid can only work on mild cases. They can only correct your six upper and six lower front teeth, the ones displayed in a smile. Complex bite issues cannot be fixed with off-brand aligners, and trying to can result in poor results or complications.

The Truth Behind Off-Brand Aligners

If you have been considering getting your misaligned teeth repaired by a dentist in 40324, you may have heard about the often cheaper alternative aligners that claim to do what Invisalign does at a fraction of the price. So how does Invisalign compare to alternative aligners in terms of effectiveness? Our experts at ThoroughDent Smiles explain:

Invisalign uses FDA approved aligners manufactured by Align Technology called SmartTrack. This is thin and flexible, known to provide a more comfortable fit. The proprietary material is BPA and BPS free, and it does not contain gluten and latex.

Our friends at OG Dental, a dentist that offers Invisalign in Denver, CO, about the certifications. Dr. O’Grady explains that dentists who prescribe the treatment have to be certified and trained by Invisalign. From the beginning of your treatment plan until you start wearing a retainer, your dentist will be involved. On the other hand, a lot of the off-brand retainers on the market offer a sort of “do it yourself’ treatment. However, one thing ThoroughDent Smiles strongly advises against is attempting DIY dental work.

One of the best things about Invisalign is that you get to work with a trained and experienced dentist. Most off-brand aligners don’t feature this crucial doctor-patient relationship, and that’s what makes a lot of them more affordable. Most brands like Smile Direct Club and Candid CO sell alternative aligners. This is direct-to-consumer treatments.  

Simply put, you’ll appraise them of your issues and what you’re trying to fix, send in some photographic evidence, and 3D impressions of your teeth, and they will use that information to fabricate aligners, which will then be sent to you. These products claim the ability to straighten your teeth without any dental professional’s guidance, but unfortunately, orthodontics requires a trained and experienced professional touch.

Why You Should Choose Invisalign

Invisalign’s biggest sell is that you get to work with a team of trained and experienced professionals. From your Georgetown, KY dentist to highly trained orthodontic lab technicians, you will be in good hands. You can paint your house by yourself, heck, you could even remodel a room on your own. However, one thing you should never do is DIY orthodontics. Are you thinking of straightening your teeth? Contact ThoroughDent Smiles today for a consultation. We will be able to find a treatment package that works for you.