Relining Dentures in Georgetown, KY

Relining Dentures in Georgetown, KY

Relining Dentures Georgetown KYAccording to estimates, around 48 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. If you are one of these people, you are probably using dentures as a replacement for your natural teeth. Teeth are crucial to your quality of life. Most tooth replacement in Georgetown, KY dentists, would advise you to have missing teeth replaced as soon as possible. Not only does this restore your ability to chew and eat properly, but it allows you to speak and have confidence. 

So, have your dentures been feeling a little uncomfortable lately? Removable dentures may start to feel uncomfortable against your gums, making it difficult to chew and speak with them on. If your dentures aren’t fitting properly, you may contact ThoroughDent Smiles for relining dentures in Georgetown, KY. This is a procedure that reshapes the side of the denture that rests on your gums. A denture reline will make your dentures feel more comfortable. There are two types of denture relines:

Soft Denture Reline

Most people who want to get their dentures relined often opt for a soft reline. Also referred to as same-day denture relines, this procedure is done in a single sitting, so you won’t have to spend any time without your dentures. Your Georgetown, KY dentist, will layer a liquid polymer onto the denture to add depth and cushion, and a smooth, comfortable fit can be achieved with your input. The result is usually soft and comfortable, making it the preferred option for people with sensitive gums. 

Soft relines can also be done at a laboratory, but you will have to go without the dentures for however long that takes. However, one disadvantage of the soft reline is that you will have to adjust your dentures in the near future. The material used to reshape the denture is soft and porous, so regular maintenance and adjustments will be needed. However, if you can sacrifice a little comfort for a reline that lasts a lot longer, you may want to contact ThoroughDent Smiles for a hard reline.

Hard Denture Reline

Unlike a soft reline, which uses a liquid polymer, a hard reline employs a material that’s more like the hardened base of the denture to reshape the dentures. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t done in one visit. Your Georgetown, KY dentists, will have to send your dentures to a laboratory. This means that you will have to go without dentures for as long as the procedure takes. Your sacrifice won’t be in vain, however. A hard reline will last you two years longer than a soft reline. Luckily, this means that you will spend less on dentist visits and adjustments after the reline. 

Although hard relines can be done at the dentist’s office, most dentists in Georgetown, KY, would rather send it out to a lab. This is to avoid future complications arising from fit and heat transfer of the materials used.

Why Do You Need to Reline Dentures?

Although some dental treatments like dental implants in Georgetown, KY, are designed to last a lifetime, dentures, on average last around five years. Our friend Dr. Ben Kacos, a Dental Implant Specialist in Shreveport, recommends you replace your dentures every 5-7 years to make sure they fit properly and are comfortable. But what makes dentures that were custom made for your mouth stop fitting?

Changes in Bone Structure

When your natural teeth are still in place, the roots constantly stimulate the alveolar bone they are embedded in, resulting in a perpetual process of breaking down and regeneration at a cellular level. When your teeth are missing, the alveolar bone doesn’t receive the stimulation it needs to start rebuilding itself. Since the bone technically isn’t doing what it was meant to do (holding the teeth in place), the body slowly reabsorbs it. This process is called resorption, and it will slowly change the shape of your gums and face over time. 

If you got dentures a month or two ago and are wondering why they don’t seem to fit properly, contact a dentist near you to have them relined. You will experience a lot of bone loss in the first three months after you lose your teeth. The process will slow down afterward at a reduced rate for the rest of your life.

Changes in the Denture

Dentures are usually made out of acrylic, porcelain, or a hard plastic polymer. They are subject to wear and tear from daily use. The daily pressure put on the dentures can wear down both the surface of the teeth and the tissue bearing areas. Over time, they can lead to cracks and fractures. Improper care and cleaning of your dentures may also affect their structure.

Using hot water, hard-bristled brushes and leaving them out to dry may damage them, making relining inevitable. If your denture is cracked, warped, or broken, contact a Georgetown, KY dentist at ThoroughDent Smiles for a relining. If you don’t get an ill-fitting and uncomfortable denture relined, you may end up with:

  • Ulcers
  • Irritation
  • Tissue overgrowth
  • Fungal infection

Have your dentures stopped fitting properly? Are they feeling a little uncomfortable? Contact ThoroughDent Smiles today for more information about relining dentures in Georgetown, KY.