Frequency of Child Dental Visits

How Often Should My Child Visit the Dentist?

Frequency of Child Dental VisitsWhen it comes to ThoroughDent Smiles, a pediatric dentistry Georgetown, KY, parents can rest assured that we have a commitment to providing exceptional dental education to our youngest patients. As a dentist open 6 days a week, we are available to meet the dental needs of each of our patients. Many parents often wonder what is the “right” frequency of child dental visits.

Let’s be honest, as parents, we do all that we can encourage our children to brush their teeth. We try to get our children to keep up with a good oral health routine. However, it’s just as important for your children to see their pediatric dentist in Georgetown, KY. It’s never too soon for a child to learn how to properly care for their teeth and their mouth. At each visit to our Georgetown dental clinic, your children will learn more about good oral hygiene, while getting their checkup.

But just how often should your child visit our office? Our dentists provide their expertise below!

Early Intervention Is Best

It’s important to get your children to the dentist’s office fairly early. You shouldn’t wait until it is far too late to get your children preventative dental care. If the first trip that your child makes to the dentist’s office is to see their pediatric emergency dentist in Georgetown, KY, then you have waited entirely too long.

There may be no set-in-stone benchmarks for how often children should see their dentist. However, it is always better to err on the side of ensuring your children have good dental health by getting them seen before any issues crop up. Cavities can become a concern, and can quickly advance into a more serious decay concern. 

Early intervention will allow these issues to be addressed in their earliest stages. 

Regular Dental Care Is Important for Children, Of All Ages

Some sobering statistics include the fact that almost half of the children living in the United States have at least one cavity. Many of these children may have multiple cavities to be concerned about.

What is even more alarming to pediatric dentists is that a quarter of these children have not been seen by their dentist within the previous twelve months. Issues with dental health are to blame for millions of lost school hours, every year. Whether it’s the result of an abscess or pain resulting from poor oral health, dental emergencies, and visits to their dentist in Georgetown, KY, this can be very disruptive to children.

The truly alarming fact is that poor dental hygiene and habits started when young can lead to poor oral hygiene and dental health as adults. Cavities, advanced decay, gum disease, and tooth loss can often become a reality. Dr. Beth Herko, Emergency Dentist in New Providence, NJ, explains that this all stems from poor habits as children.

First Dental Visits, And More

Most dentists will agree that the first visit your child makes to the dentist should be shortly after their first tooth erupts. This is typically before the child’s first birthday. If no teeth have erupted by the time they celebrate their first birthday, be sure to schedule an appointment so that the child can be evaluated by their dentist.

In terms of visit frequency, the majority of dental professionals recommend that children and adults should make a visit to the dentist at least twice every year. What do these two trips each year help to ensure?

  • Minor issues can be addressed before they turn into much more serious oral health concerns.
  • Teeth alignment can be monitored; in case the child needs orthodontic intervention.
  • Teeth can be cleaned professionally, to help protect them from future cavities and tooth decay.
  • Comfort, trust, and familiarity with paying a visit to our Georgetown dental clinic. This is so important for children so that they can feel safe when going to the dentist. 

It’s never too soon to make an appointment with ThoroughDent Smiles, offering pediatric dentistry Georgetown, KY parents can rely on.