The Dental Filling Process

Dental FillingsWhat is the Dental Filling Process?

When you visit your Georgetown dentist and find that you have a cavity, your Georgetown KY dentist will probably recommend a dental filling. But, what is a dental filling? What steps are involved in this procedure? Will it hurt? Read on and get the answers to these, and other questions about the dental filling process. 

What is Cavity Filling?

Dr. Kristina Neda, Georgetown KY dentist, says to understand a cavity filling, we must start by understanding what a cavity is. A cavity refers to a “hole” which develops on the surface of your tooth. This could be due to bacterial activity, damage by acidic foods and drinks, or other factors.

As this cavity deepens, you may start experiencing several problems. These problems could be a sensitivity to hot or cold foods. This occurs when you feel a lot of pain as the nerves inside the tooth get exposed to the substances you eat or drink.

To stop this cavity from causing you further problems, your dentist at ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown KY will perform a cavity filling procedure. Here, a tooth-compatible material is placed in your cavity. It is then sculpted, shaped, and polished so that the structural integrity of your tooth is restored.

The Cavity Filling Procedure

Dr. Jordan Smith, the best dentist in Georgetown KY, will start the process by administering a numbing agent around the tooth having a cavity. This numbing agent is often administered quickly and easily helping you to experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Next, the dentist will use the appropriate tools to remove the decayed sections on your tooth. 

Thereafter, your Georgetown KY dentist will get the filling material and place it in the cavity. This is followed by shaping and buffing the filling so that the appearance of your tooth is restored to its original state.

Once that is completed, the filling is cured using a special light and you are good to go!

What Filling Materials Are Used?

Several cavity filling materials are available. The circumstances of each patient will determine which specific material Dr. Kristina Neda will use.

The options include composite resin fillings, glass ionomer fillings, and ceramic fillings.

Dr. Seth Walbridge, a dentist in Easton, PA, explains that each type of filling material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Talk to your dentist in Georgetown KY about these options before a choice is made.

For example, while composite resin fillings are better from a cosmetic point of view, they cost more. They typically aren’t suitable for larger cavities.

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

At ThoroughDent Smiles, we inform patients that they should expect to spend an hour when they visit to get a filling. However, the procedure itself requires less time than that. The extra time is built in to accommodate the minutes you may spend checking in or chatting with our courteous staff about other dental health concerns you may have.

Is Getting a Cavity Filling a Painful Process?

Modern dentistry has evolved to the extent that nearly all procedures are painless. As mentioned earlier, a local anesthetic is administered to numb the tooth before the procedure starts. This should ensure that you don’t feel any pain. 

However, you may experience some discomfort or sensitivity minutes or hours after the procedure, but as Dr. Jordan Smith affirms, this sensitivity will subside on its own within a matter of hours.

How Long Will My Dental Filling Last?

Several factors will determine the durability of your cavity filling. Dr. Leeson, a dentist in St. Petersburg, FL, specifically points out your chewing habits and the filling material used as the key factors determining the longevity of a cavity filling.

For example, patients who get composite resin fillings may have them for about five years. Patients who opt for amalgam fillings can have them for a decade or more.

Our professionals at ThoroughDent Smiles will explain all these factors to you so that you make the most appropriate choice of material, and also learn how to take care of those fillings.

Still have questions?

Contact ThoroughDent Smiles if you are looking for a new Dentist in Georgetown KY. Our experienced staff will respond to all your queries and schedule a cavity filling procedure. This will ensure that any oral defects don’t progress into something worse, or prevent you from enjoying optimum oral health. Check out our amazing patient testimonials, we promise to deliver the same five-star dental service when you become a patient.