Celebrating Oral Health Month

oral health month - ThoroughDent SmilesOral Health Month with Georgetown, KY Dentist

In honor of Oral Health Month this June, we wanted to share some interesting oral health habits, Dr. Kristina Neda practices to maximize her own oral health. We understand how intimidating and scary it can be to visit the dentist. Practicing good oral health habits will make you feel more confident in your smile. We interviewed the best dentist in Georgetown, KY, about her relationship with oral health in hopes that you take strides in improving your own oral health.

Dr. Kristina Neda’s Journey

Dr. Kristina Neda is from Lexington, Kentucky. She later pursued her education at the University of Kentucky. As her passion for sedation dentistry and oral surgery grew, she went on to continue her education at the Kentucky Clinic General Practice Residency. While there, Dr. Neda discovered her love for helping people in her community with modern dental technology and procedures. 

Now, Dr. Kristina Neda is a well-known family and emergency dentist in the Georgetown, KY area. While she’s not at work, Dr. Neda enjoys spending quality family time with her husband, Thad, and son Maks. Some of her hobbies include dancing and traveling. 

Her Medicine Cabinet

Dr. Kristina Neda’s medicine cabinet isn’t anything out of the ordinary. When opening up Dr. Neda’s medicine cabinet, you’ll find the following: 

  • Floss
  • Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Electric Toothbrush

As you can see, Dr. Neda takes her oral health seriously. She utilizes fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen weak spots and helps prevent early stages of tooth decay. Dr. Neda also takes pride in flossing on a daily basis. She prefers regular waxed floss, Oral-B Glide for example. Dr. Neda urges all her patients to floss every day because of how much bacteria and plaque build-up. 

Her friend Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA, also believes flossing is a crucial part of a good oral hygiene regimen. After brushing his teeth, Dr. Kacos loves to see what he can catch with the floss.

Oral Health Advice for Patients

Are you guilty of not flossing your teeth? Patients everywhere admit to skipping this essential step. Dr. Kristina Neda says, “Don’t brush your teeth unless you are flossing. Decay in between teeth is one of the most common diagnoses in dentistry. Cavities in between the teeth cannot be prevented by brushing teeth alone. Flossing each day is an essential part of anyone’s home care routine.”

Common Myths About Oral Health

At ThoroughDent Smiles, Dr. Kristina Neda and Dr. Jordan Smith are occasionally informed of oral health myths. One myth Dr. Neda often gets is that fluoride is toxic. This is not true! Dr. Neda explains that patients who believe that fluoride is toxic don’t understand the dosage levels used. There’s no need to worry about fluoride, with over 50 years of sound medical research that supports the safety and efficiency in reducing dental decay. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, you can always contact ThoroughDent Smiles!