Dental Tips From A Dentist

Dental Tips from A Dentist

At ThoroughDent Smiles, we make it our duty to provide patients with the best dental tips directly from our dentists. Dr. Jordan Smith, the best cosmetic dentist in Georgetown, KY, explains some of the common myths regarding what is important on matters of oral health. In this blog post, we present some dental health tips that will surprise you. It may even prompt you to rethink your dental health.

Tip #1: It is More Important to Have a Healthy Smile Than to Have a “Perfect” Smile

We live at a time when Instagram, Snapchat, and social media drives people to look perfect for the camera. This obsession carries over to our dental health.

Dr. Kristina Neda and the entire team at ThoroughDent Smiles, the best Georgetown dental clinic, say that having a healthy smile is so important! This is so because a healthy smile will truly last for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, we are also aware of the fact that aesthetics are also important, not just functionality. When you talk to our experienced Georgetown dentists you will notice that we ask you to tell us what you would like to improve about your smile. We never impose our ideas of what changes would improve your smile because we know that only you can determine what is beautiful in your eyes.

Tip #2: What You Do At Home Is the Most Important for Your Dental Health

Dr. Jordan Smith, the best dentist in Georgetown KY, rightly points out that the biggest determinant of your dental health isn’t how often you see your dentist. Rather, it is the things that you do to take care of your oral health while at home.

For example, we recommend that you visit your Georgetown KY dentist once every six months, unless you have an issue that requires you to make more frequent visits. This means that what you do, such as how well you brush and floss on a daily basis, in-between those visits to ThoroughDent Smiles has the biggest impact on how healthy your dental structures will be.

We, therefore, encourage our patients to see the dental visits as just a way to get another person to check in on how well they have been doing at home and then course-correct if defects are found and treated.

Tip #3: Aim for Properly Aligned Teeth Rather Than Perfectly Straight Teeth

Dr. Benjamin Kacos, a cosmetic dentist in Shreveport, Lousiana says that a lot of patients seem to desire perfectly straight teeth. However, the most important outcome when you undergo any orthodontic treatment is to have teeth that are properly aligned.

This is because many visits to emergency dentists in Georgetown KY are connected to dealing with misalignment issues, such as biting the cheeks or lips while eating or even having persistent headaches due to unevenly distributed bite forces.

It is perfectly OK to retain your upper midline diastema (the gap in your upper front teeth) if the rest of your teeth are properly aligned. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Tip #4: Our Interest in Your Health Necessitates That We Poke Around Your Gums

While some people may think that it is unnecessary for their Georgetown KY dentist to poke around their gums during a dental exam, the truth is that such poking around is necessary to detect any gum issues that one may have. One of the most important dental tips from a dentist is to take care of your gums. 

In fact, statistics indicate that nearly 5 in 10 Americans over 30 years of age suffer from gum disease. Gums are so important that if anything is wrong with them, you will be unable to undergo a whole lot of dental procedures, such as getting dental implants, veneer placement, or orthodontic treatment (Invisalign and traditional braces, for example).

By poking around your gums, your dentist in Georgetown KY is ascertaining that you are free from any gum issues, and if gum disease is found, you can commence treatment early before the condition causes additional problems, such as causing your teeth to become loose.

Tip #5: True Friends Wouldn’t Let You Over-Whiten Your Teeth

In the first tip, we mentioned that we give you an opportunity to tell us how you would like to improve your smile, and then we do what is within our power to make that a reality.

However, Dr. Jordan Smith is quick to put a rider on your freedom to decide the extent of the improvements you want for your smile. For example, we at ThoroughDent Smiles work with you to set realistic goals for teeth whitening so that we strike a balance between giving you a brighter smile and keeping the new look natural and safe.

You see, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. That is why one of the most important dental tips from a dentist is to refrain from over-whitening your teeth. Over-whitening can result in extreme sensitivity, irritated gums, chemical burns to your soft oral tissues, and eroded enamel. As your true friends, we won’t allow you to over-bleach your teeth and suffer those consequences. 

We hope that the tips above have prompted you to review some of the things you had in mind about your dental health. If you would like to learn more about a specific dental health concern that you have, contact ThoroughDent Smiles today and our experienced professionals will help you to get your beautiful smile back in a cost-effective way.