What Is Periodontics?

what is periodonticsPeriodontics refers to a specialty in the field of dentistry. This specialty focuses on the support structures found around your teeth. In fact, the best dentist in Georgetown based at ThoroughDent Smiles explains that the word periodontics is derived from two Greek words (“peri” meaning around, and another word “odons” meaning tooth). Periodontics is therefore centered on the different structures around your teeth. These are:

  • The gums or gingival tissues.
  • The jaw bone or alveolar.
  • The cementum (the outer covering of the root of your tooth. It connects the tooth to the jaw bone).
  • Periodontal ligaments (these hold the tooth in place within the jaw).

A periodontist is, therefore, a specialist whose role is to treat any condition or disease affecting the structures that surround your teeth.

When Should You See a Periodontist?

While your dentist in Georgetown KY can competently handle many periodontal issues, it is usually advisable to see a periodontist if you suffer from a more severe form of periodontal problems. An example of such a problem includes advanced gum disease. Seeing a specialist is important because a lot of research has found a link between periodontal diseases and many chronic health challenges, like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, some types of cancer and respiratory diseases.

Dr. Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport LA, explains that periodontists are the best dental care professionals to handle severe periodontal problems. This is because after completing dental school, these experts undergo additional extensive training lasting about three years. Additional schooling is needed to get a detailed grasp of the support structures around the teeth and how problems in those structures can be dealt with to restore optimum oral health.

For example, if severe gum recession has left the roots of your teeth exposed, our dentists may refer you to a periodontist so that a regenerative procedure, such as surgical gum grafting, can be performed to resolve the hypersensitivity that you have been experiencing in your teeth.

Periodontists also perform cosmetic procedures associated with the support structures around your teeth.

What to Expect During a Periodontal Appointment

When your Georgetown KY dentist refers you to a periodontist, the specialist is likely to start by taking your detailed dental and medical history. For example, the specialist will review the recent dental procedures that you have undergone. They will also review the information available about any health conditions. Diabetes or high blood pressure is important to recognize. Being pregnant also impacts the treatment you receive. 

After, the periodontist will conduct a thorough assessment of the periodontal issue you are afflicted with. Making treatment recommendations and scheduling the treatment will be next. 

If you believe that you have a condition that could require the attention of a periodontist, contact ThoroughDent Smiles today and let our experienced professionals give you their opinion on the most appropriate dental care expert needed.