The Best Dental Apps for Your Family

best dental apps

We live at a time when technology has literally taken over nearly every aspect of our lives. Since there is an app for almost anything, the professionals at ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown KY suggest the following dental apps to use in your quest for optimum dental health.

Brush DJ

When you see the letters DJ in the name of an app, then you know that you are set to have some fun. The Brush DJ doesn’t disappoint in this regard. This app can be downloaded onto your iPhone, Android smartphone, or even your iPad.

The app was made to bring fun and provide education regarding your brushing habits. The interface of the app is stylish and customizable to suit the needs of different age groups. You can create a music library and select the tunes you would like to listen to while brushing your teeth. The app can even allow you to set reminders of your appointments with the best dentist in Georgetown, KY. You can also set reminders to alert you when to switch out your toothbrush.

Brush DJ is free, and it has been hailed by the National Health Service in the UK as an excellent way to disseminate dental health messages.


This is another free dental app, but, currently, it is only available to people with iPhones and iPads only. Therefore, Android users may have to wait or switch to other great options discussed in this blog post.

The MyTeeth app was specifically designed with kids in mind. It makes brushing fun and educational with four animated characters that guide kids through the process of brushing. Only one of the animated characters is available at no cost, while the other three have to be paid for.

The app provides a huge array of options so that you can customize your experience. For example, you can select your own music or use what is preloaded in the app. A dental emergency dentist in Georgetown KY also reveals that the app allows you to select what technique you would like to use as you brush. Parents shouldn’t feel left out because the app gives great tips that you can follow to help your kids to brush properly.

Chomper Chums

Like the MyTeeth app, Chomper Chums is also designed with kids in mind. The app is free, and it turns brushing into a game. The app gives your kids digital rewards each time they brush, and those rewards can be used to buy drinks and food for a virtual pet called Chomper Chums.

This app points out which specific sections of the teeth need extra attention while a kid is brushing, and it recommends the duration of brushing those sections of the teeth. However, Chomper Chums doesn’t provide any guidance on brushing technique. The app also alerts kids each time they make a tooth-friendly choice when buying eats or drinks for their virtual pet.

Dental Phobia

As the name of this app suggests, there are no fun and games here since the focus of the app is a serious matter. Dental phobia affects millions of people and prevents them from getting the dental services they need. The app provides information about different dental procedures so that a patient gets rid of the fear of the unknown as a factor in their dental anxiety. Dental Phobia goes a step further and suggests some methods that you can use to cope with your dental anxiety or phobia.

A user of the app can get answers to most of the questions that people normally ask about different dental procedures and conditions. One can even email a question directly to a qualified dentist for an answer.

This app is only available to iPhone users, and one has to pay a fee to access it. Dr. Christopher Green, a dentist in Parker CO, says this subscription is money well spent. The app is even more worth it if you suffer from dental phobia.

Virtual Dentist

This is a simulator app that allows users to visualize the possible outcome after different dental procedures. For example, you can see what the results will be if you get braces or have dental veneers placed on your teeth.

Only the simulations for veneers and braces are free. Therefore, you will have to pay to see how you will look after undergoing other dental procedures, such as teeth whitening. The app itself is free to download and is available across different platforms like Android, iPhone, and iPad.

While these apps can be a good way to stay on top of good dental health practices at home, they aren’t a substitute for professional care and advice at ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown, KY. We, therefore, recommend that you visit your dentist in Georgetown, KY once every six months. At these appointments, you can receive professional dental cleanings and a checkup. Our dentists recommend using the apps to supplement the care instructions that our professionals give you in person.