How To Choose Your Pediatric Dentist

how to choose your pediatric dentist

Life-long dental health starts early, so it is important for you to do your homework and select the best pediatric dentist for your child. The choice should be made early. This is because the pediatric dentistry experts at ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown, KY strongly recommend that you take your child for their first dental visit at one year of age. This timing is best because it will allow our dentists to take a look at the baby teeth that are just emerging, and your child will (hopefully) not yet have any serious issues that can lead him or her to associate dentists to pain and other unpleasant experiences. In this article, we discuss how to choose your pediatric for your child. Here are some things you should consider.

Their Education and Experience

Pediatric dentists devote two or three extra years to get the specialized training that they need to address the dental care needs of babies, toddlers, and early teens. This is why your first task is to find out whether the dentist that you would like to select for your child has not only undergone that extra training but also has sufficient experience in providing dental care to kids.

If you are looking for a properly trained and experienced team of pediatric dentists for your child, look no further than ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown, KY. Dr. Kristina Neda, Dr. Jordan Smith, and the entire team are passionate about addressing the dental care needs of children, so you will have no need to look elsewhere once your child is in our hands.

Is the Environment Designed With Kids in Mind?

Pediatric dentists know that kids require an environment that isn’t intimidating. Consequently, you will find that dentists who specialize in attending to the dental care needs of kids use bright colors and provide other things that make kids look at the dental office as a fun place.

Therefore, it is important for you to interact with the dental office staff and look around so that you can be sure that the general environment is welcoming to kids. For comparison purposes, visit ThoroughDent Smiles and you will be hard-pressed to find another pediatric dental office that is more attuned to the needs of kids than our office.

How Important is Preventive Care to Them?

As you interact with the dentist that you would like to select for your child, find out how much attention they devote to preventive dental care. Pediatric dentist in Parker, CO, Dr. Christopher Green, encourages parents to not rely on what they say alone, but consider whether the dentist emphasizes preventive measures like dental sealants (to protect against cavities and tooth decay) as well as fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel and kill oral bacteria.

At ThoroughDent Smiles, we understand how distressing it can be for a parent to have a child that is in pain due to a dental health problem. We, therefore, do everything in our power to be proactive and avert problems or catch them early so that you and your child can enjoy the benefits that come with excellent oral health.

Behavioral Management Skills

The pediatric dentist that you choose should also have the soft skills needed to manage any behavioral problems that may stand in the way of providing dental care for your child. For example, a kid who is hyperactive requires skillful handling during a dental procedure. It is therefore helpful to talk to friends, colleagues and family members so that you identify a pediatric dentist who has these important behavioral management skills.

The Location

Location is also an important factor when you are choosing a pediatric dentist for your child. Dr. Kristina Neda normally recommends that parents select a pediatric dentist who is located close to either your office or your home.

This proximity is important because you may need to see the dentist early in the morning before you go to work, or later in the day after school or work hours. A dentist that is close to your location is desirable because you will not have to go out of your way at short notice to get needed dental care for your child. Contact ThoroughDent Smiles for your first pediatric consultation and we will address any of your concerns so that you join our family of happy parents and kids who get their dental care from Dr. Jordan Smith, Dr. Kristina Neda, and the entire team.