How to handle a dental emergency

how to handle a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can become a reality at any time. Whether it’s the result of an injury playing sports at school or from a fall at home, our dentists will focus on resolving the pain and figuring out the best course of treatment.

Being able to rely on a dentist open 7 days a week will go a long way toward ensuring that you always have a happy and healthy smile. Learning how to best handle a dental emergency could mean the difference between preserving a tooth and total loss of the tooth.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Not every dental concern should be considered to be an emergency situation. To better determine whether you can put off being seen until a regular appointment or whether you need to be seen as soon as possible by our dentists, ask the following questions.

  • Do you have severe pain and bleeding that won’t stop?
  • Has the tooth been dislodged? 
  • Are any of the teeth loose?
  • Do you have an abscess or other signs of an infection?

Even a soft or moderate blow to the mouth can lead to teeth being fractured, loosened or dislodged entirely. The insides of your cheeks, lips and even your gums can be cut or otherwise injured by a blow to the face. These injuries can often prove to be quite painful. You should be seen by your emergency dentist in Georgetown as soon as possible, as fast treatment can potentially save teeth that are damaged or loosened.

How soon should you be seen by your dentist?

Some concerns may not require an immediate appointment. For example, if you have a cavity on your tooth that is not causing pain or if you have a filling that has fallen out, you can likely wait a day or two to be seen. If you are in severe pain or a tooth has been knocked out, you should call your Georgetown KY dentist to be seen. Getting to your dentist within 30 minutes of the injury can often mean the difference between saving the tooth or losing it entirely.

What should you do if a tooth has been knocked out of your mouth? 

There is the potential to save the tooth and gently reinsert it back into the socket if it has been knocked out. If you can, reinsert the tooth back into the socket and get to your dentist immediately. Be careful to only pick up and hold the tooth by the crown, avoiding touching the roots. Rinse the tooth and take steps to keep it moist while on the way to the dentist. 

If it is not possible to place the tooth in the socket or keep in it the mouth, a dislodged tooth can be placed into a small cup of milk while you are on the way to see your dentist.

If the tooth cannot be rescued, considering dental implants in Georgetown can help to restore your smile in just a few short appointments.

What should I do if I have an abscessed tooth?

A dental abscess should be considered to be an emergency as it can also be potentially life-threatening. According to Shreveport’s Dentist in Louisiana, Dr. Ben Kacos, the infection in the tooth can spread into your jaw, the surrounding oral tissues and also make its way to other areas of your body, including your heart. If you have an abscess, be sure to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater in an effort to reduce the pain you are feeling, and to help draw the infection to the surface. You should be seen by the most trustworthy dentist Georgetown KY has, as soon as possible, so that the infection can be managed.

What should I do if a tooth is out of alignment?

It may be possible to reposition the tooth using very light pressure with a single figure. Do not force the tooth into place. Apply light pressure with gauze and your bite until you are able to be seen by your dentist.

What should I do with a fractured tooth?

A fractured tooth can fast lead to decay and further damage to the tooth. If you have a tooth fracture, rinse your mouth out with warm water and apply cold compresses in an effort to control swelling. Take ibuprofen for the pain and be sure to get to your dentist immediately. Only your dentist will be able to determine the severity of the fracture.
If you are faced with a dental emergency, call ThoroughDent Smiles to be seen by the best dentist Georgetown KY has to offer, so that we can get you out of pain and back to smiling. Remember to stay calm, control the pain and bleeding where possible, and be seen as soon as possible.