What You Can Do About Sensitive Teeth

Are you avoiding hot and cold beverages because they hurt your teeth? If so, you need to schedule an appointment with your local Georgetown dentist and let them know about your sensitive teeth. If you’re having a dental emergency, contact our office. We offer 24/7 dental emergency care for our patients.  

Oftentimes, sour and sweet items can also aggravate your tooth pain. 

Knowing the root cause of the problem and finding a solution with some of our best Georgetown dentists is your answer. At Thoroughdent Smiles, our aim is to pinpoint the cause and tackle it. 

First, you’ll need to take extra good care of your tooth enamel. The hard layer that protects our teeth is our tooth enamel. Your tooth enamel protects your nerve endings and prevents any pain. Therefore, sensitive teeth are usually a consequence of worn away enamel.

In order to prevent yourself from creating greater damage as well as protect our teeth, we must make sure to note the following:

Brush Properly

Make sure you brush properly and not too hard. Cleaning your teeth with a heavy hand is taking off more than just plaque – it is making the enamel go away, too. The best technique is to be gentle and use a brush that is rather soft. Using a soft-bristled brush and working at a 45-degree angle helps keep our gums clean, pink and strong. 

Avoid Certain Foods

Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Do you enjoy your treats often? Know that sugary treats, soda, and sticky candy all attack the enamel so you should try to avoid them. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables such as carrots or dairy products, like milk, cheese, and plain yogurt, should replace high sugar carbs and acidic foods or drinks. Their benefit is that they moisten our mouth and actually go against bacteria and acid which in return protects our enamel. Drinking green or black tea is also helpful. Although, in the case of having acidic foods, make sure to wait an hour or so to strengthen before scrubbing. 

Stop Clenching/Grinding Your Teeth

Unclench your teeth. If you have a habit of teeth grinding, you are also wearing away your enamel. By addressing the stress that is causing you to clench in the first place, you can solve half your problems and stop the issue of grinding. In the case of its failure, resort to our dental services page to consider getting fitted for a mouth guard or a splint. 

Give Teeth Whitening a Break

Do not make bleaching or teeth whitening a routine. We recommend taking a break once in a while. We all make attempts to have whiter teeth and resort to bleaching as a great tactic to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, this may become the cause of your pain and you must speak and consult with your doctor with regards to its continuation. 

To dive into it further, what is the root cause of the problem? 

Other Issues Behind Tooth Sensitivity

We asked our friend, Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana, about what else could cause tooth sensitivity. Dr. Kacos says the following are common reasons behind tooth sensitivity:

  1. Your gums may be naturally shrinking. This may happen if you are around the age of 40 or older, which is a common age for when gums begin to recede. In serious cases, a gum graft may be needed which shall move tissue from one place and cover the bare area.
  2. You have gum disease. Plaque and tartar may be the cause of this problem allowing a disease to have set in. 
  3. Your tooth may be cracked or you have just gotten a filling 

Tooth Sensitivity Treatment 

If you still have sensitive teeth after trying the recommendations above, we can help you ease the pain through various treatment suggestions, such as:

  1. Giving you a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.
  2. Introducing you to fluoride gel. 
  3. Dealing with fillings
  4. Sealants
  5. Giving you a mouthguard in cases of grinding

In serious cases, a root canal may be recommended. If you think you have severe tooth sensitivity,  be sure not to ignore the signs. Contact our dental office in Georgetown, Kentucky and our dental professionals will help you feel as good as new.