Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Why Choose Pediatric Dentist

In order for your child to feel comfortable and happy, it is important to choose your pediatric dentist wisely. There are lots of choices out there and it may be difficult to choose one. In this article, we discuss the difference between choosing pediatric dentistry and general dentistry for your child’s dental care.

Pediatric Dentists Make the Visits to the Clinic More Fun and Lively

The goal for a pediatric dentist is to primarily have the child at ease and develop a positive relationship with your child. It’s important that your pediatric dentist does not scare away your child or make them feel any sort of discomfort. The environment and fun-loving atmosphere impact the readiness of a child to get treatment, so this is an important factor. You should look up the office on social media to understand the level of connection and attitude of the practice. Also, check out reviews written by either current or previous patients. We asked our friend, Dr. Christopher Green, a pediatric dentist in Parker, Colorado, about his thoughts on pediatric dentists. Dr. Green says that pediatric dentists make your child’s experience more fun and positive, which can lead to better oral health care habits. He also says, that your child’s experience influences how they will view the dentist when they’re older. So, be sure to find the right pediatric dentist for your child.

Trained to be Caring and Loving Dentists for Children 

Dentists that have taken on the profession of pediatrics are trained for an additional 2 to 3 years for dealing with children and adolescents. The About Us section on our website will shed more light on how we have been up and running with professional associations and affiliations. Your child surely is going to be given the best care by us. 

Sensitive to special healthcare needs 

If your child is in need of special care and attention, our team at ThoroughDent Smiles is happy to help. Please contact ThoroughDent Smiles so we can learn how to accommodate you and your child’s unique needs.

Be Sure to Know your Visits are Going to be Stress-Free

Whether it’s a doctor or a dentist, introducing your child can be a daunting task and we are here to lift that burden off your shoulders. With our efficiency and skill, we are trained to tackle nervousness and fear. We offer “meet and greet” sessions to allow your child to get more familiar with the environment before even coming for their appointment. 

From Toddlers to Teens, We Can Handle Any Age! 

Our mission is to assist your child in developing healthy oral care habits by teaching them techniques on proper brushing and flossing to keep a clean mouth. This shall equip your children for their future appointments with a general dentist. 

Call and book your appointment with a pediatric dentist in Georgetown, KY for a positive experience for your child at the dentist. 

The dental needs of your child are our primary concern and we would love to give consultations on establishing healthy oral care at an early stage. Bring in your loved ones, take an office tour and allow your child to enjoy a brighter smile.