National Gum Care Month

National Gum Care Month - ThoroughDent Smiles

Did you know it’s National Gum Care month! During the month of September, we’ll celebrate by discussing all the dental issues our gums face. That way you can keep your gums healthy and happy! Celebrating National Gum Care is important to us because so many people suffer from gum disease. If gum disease progresses, it can cause additional health problems. Gum disease is linked to cardiovascular diseases, complications in pregnancies as well as diabetes. On the bright side, gum disease is preventable and can be treated if caught early. 

Keeping good oral hygiene is extremely important 

Our gums begin to deteriorate when plaque or tartar builds up, and so, we must fight this with good dental hygiene and adopt a routine that allows for us to get rid of plaque that forms in between teeth. 

Using a soft toothbrush is absolute key 

Rigorously brushing our teeth erodes enamel and it is vital to be gentle and use a soft toothbrush that takes care of our teeth and gums. Hard bristles can cause damage to our gums. Look for a soft toothbrush or an electrical toothbrush at your local stores. Making this easy change can make a big difference in your oral health.

Swish with a mouth rinse and see the difference 

Mouthwash and rinsing can protect our gums and teeth from bacteria accumulation. It even washes away food debris whilst reducing plaque. 

Keeping a healthy diet goes a long way 

Acidic food and cold drinks can also cause damage to our teeth. It is important to keep a diet that is clean and healthy. In order to achieve excellent gum health one must take in fruits and vegetables and replace unnatural treats or high carb sugars as well as sticky candy. It is important to avoid starchy foods and carbohydrates and have enough vitamin C and vitamin D intake. Antioxidants can also help in maintaining oral care. 

Furthermore, according to certain studies, diets that are high and rich in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of gum disease. These may include fish, nuts, seeds, and soy as well as vegetable oils. 

Be sure to visit your dentist and come for cleanings on a regular basis

We asked our friend Dr. Christopher Green, a dentist in Parker, Colorado, for any tips on preventing gum disease. Dr. Green says that visiting your dentist once every six months is one of the best things you can do. By using professional means, plaque and tartar can be dealt with more efficiently where certain areas cannot be targeted with simple brushing and flossing. By visiting your Georgetown, Kentucky dentist for professional dental cleanings, gum diseases can for sure be detected more easily and treated at earlier stages. 

Book an appointment to consult with our dentists, Dr. Kristina Neda and Dr. Jordan Smith for an expert opinion and brighter smiles. Healthier gums, happier us, so we must all take care and carry out good oral hygiene habits.