Overcoming Dental Anxiety

overcoming dental anxiety - thoroughdent smiles

Not many people truly enjoy going to the dentist. We understand that there is just a feeling of discomfort and at times embarrassment of someone examining your mouth. Not to mention all the instruments used that make the whole process even scarier. However, the importance of good oral health still gets most of us to the dentist. In this article, our ThoroughDent Smiles dentists share some tips on overcoming dental anxiety.

Most dental offices have a well-trained staff that makes sure you’re comfortable during your visit. At ThoroughDent Smiles, we understand most people don’t want to be visiting the dentist in their free time. But you don’t have to rely on the dental staff to comfort you entirely, you can deal with this fear on your own and overcome it. Dr. Kristina Neda of ThoroughDent Smile shares the tips she gives her patients to help them with the fear of dentists.

Let your dentist know of your fear

First, you need to admit and acknowledge your fear of the dentist. You won’t be able to overcome this without acknowledgment. Once you do that, you need to make inform your Georgetown, Kentucky dentist of this fear. While our ThoroughDent team will ensure to give ever-patient proper care, they will be sure to discuss everything about your procedure with you and make you as comfortable as possible during your visit. They will walk you through our dental office and talk about the tools and equipment to make you more familiar with them. After all, we tend to be scared of things we don’t know, but as we learn about them, the fear subsides. 

The dentist will allow you to be in control

Once you let your Georgetown, KY dentist knows of your fear, they will give hand over some of the control over treatments. By sharing all the details, you two can discuss when to have breaks, what makes you uncomfortable and how to go about the treatment to make you comfortable. This will let you feel more mentally prepared for the procedure.

Consider taking someone with you

We asked our friend Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA, for tips on overcoming your fear of the dentist. Dr. Kacos highly recommends bringing a loved one with you to your dental appointment. He says it makes it easier for patients to take a familiar face with them to sit through the procedures. You know someone you trust that will be there to help you feel more comfortable. It is recommended that you take someone who isn’t afraid of the dentist themselves, this way they don’t make you feel even more uncomfortable.

Identify what makes you uncomfortable and your dentist will address it

It is your dentist’s responsibility to make you feel as comfortable as possible. As long as what you request is within their capabilities, your dentist will comply. So for example, if the sound of the equipment frightens you, be sure to let Dr. Kristina Neda or Dr. Jordan Smith know. They can provide you with headphones and let you listen to music that will drain out the sound and make the procedure less frightening for you. 

Take care of your teeth

Now there is no way around the need to visit a dentist. But you can ensure that with good oral care, the need for painful procedures will be less likely. So brush twice daily and be sure to floss.

Your oral health is the gateway to your overall health. You must overcome your fear of the dentist to ensure that you maintain good oral and general health. Your dentist can help identify any underlying problems that may not be detected by you. These problems can fester and become serious even if you have a good oral regimen. At ThoroughDent SMiles, we’ll make sure you feel right at home. For questions about our sedation dentistry services, please contact our dental office in Georgetown, KY.