Botox at the Dentist

Botox at the dentist - dentist in Georgetown KY

If you have been considering Botox, then ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown, KY may be the answer for you. This safe and simple procedure will give you a more youthful appearance at the very location where you go to have your dental health attended to. In this article, you’ll learn more about getting botox at the dentist.

Why Would You Need Botox Treatments?

You may have noticed that as people age, they begin developing wrinkles which start from around their eyes and spread to the forehead. Dr. Kristina Neda explains that Botox can help to prevent those wrinkles from developing, or it can keep them from becoming deeper fine lines.

Interestingly, Botox isn’t just for cosmetic purposes only. ThoroughDent Smiles has successfully used Botox to treat migraines, prevent muscle spasms around the eye and neck areas, and also minimize excessive sweating.

Is My Dentist the Right Person to get Botox From?

Botox is relatively new in dental offices, but as Dr. Justin Smith points out, few other professionals are as well placed as dentists when it comes to understanding the maxillofacial area. Dentists study the facial anatomy and will, therefore, know the exact spots to administer Botox treatments in order to give you the results you desire.

Furthermore, dentists who administer Botox receive additional training that prepares them to perform a variety of complex procedures. So, administering Botox is like a walk in the park for the professionals at ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown.

How is Botox Administered?

When you come in for your Botox treatment appointment, Dr. Kristina Neda first administers a local anesthetic in the area where you will receive the Botox.

Thereafter, the Georgetown KY dentist will take a fine needle and use it to inject carefully calculated amounts of Botox into the area of concern. This process is so simple that the treatment typically requires ten minutes to complete.

Are Botox Injections Safe?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Botox back in 2002. In all this time, no serious side effects have been attributed to Botox treatments. The complaints that some people have after getting these treatments are a pain, some bruising and swelling at the injection site.

However, it is advisable to talk to a dentist in Georgetown, KY about your medical history, any medication or supplements you are currently taking and any other factor that could help Dr. Justine Smith to make a better decision regarding your suitability for Botox treatments.

If your dentist in Georgetown doesn’t find any condition that may rule you out from getting botox, (such as a blood disorder), then you will get the treatment during that same visit.

How Soon Will I See Results?

After getting Botox injections at ThoroughDent Smiles, you will need to wait for 3-7 days in order to start seeing changes in the areas that were injected. For some people, effects can take as long as a fortnight to start showing.

Once the results start showing, those effects will last for anywhere between three and six months. Then you will need to see Dr. Kristina Neda for additional injections to retain your youthful appearance.

What to Expect After Getting the Botox Injections

Getting Botox injections is a simple procedure that doesn’t require you to take time off from your normal activities. However, experts at ThoroughDent Smiles in Georgetown, KY caution patients to refrain from rubbing the injection site. Otherwise, the Botox will move to other parts of your face and you will not get the results you desire.

As you can see, ThoroughDent Smiles can serve as a one-stop point where you can have your dental and Botox needs met. Contact Dr. Justine Smith or any of the other experienced dentists at the office today so that you can schedule your Botox treatment.