Which mouthwash is right for my child?

which mouthwash is right for my child

One of the best ways to ensure that your kids will have healthy teeth throughout their lives is by teaching them the best oral care habits early. Parents often ask if their kids can use mouthwash, and if so, which one would be appropriate? Here are some things to consider when searching for the best mouthwash for your child.

Know that Mouthwash is Versatile

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of mouthwash available on the market today. Manufacturers have formulated different kinds of mouthwash to address every oral health care problem. Dr. Kristina Neda, a dentist in Georgetown, KY, advises you to think about the exact reason why you want to add mouthwash to your child’s oral care routine.

Cosmetic Mouthwash

As the name suggests, cosmetic mouthwash is formulated for purely esthetic purposes, such as pleasant smell and a good taste. The risk of using this type of mouthwash is that it doesn’t solve the oral issues your child may have.

For example, your child may have bad breath due to tooth decay. Using cosmetic mouthwash to reduce the bad breath is like using perfume to address a septic wound. It is better to find a remedy for the cause of the oral problem instead of masking the symptoms of that problem with mouthwash.

Therapeutic/Medicinal Mouthwash

Therapeutic mouthwash helps to treat a number of dental issues which may be afflicting the user of that mouthwash. For example, Dr. Jordan Smith, says that therapeutic mouthwash can treat tooth decay, minimize the accumulation of plaque on your teeth, and treat gingivitis. In this way, the bad breath will be automatically addressed once the underlying cause is fixed.

Mouthwash Made for Kids?

Another way for you to narrow down your options when you are selecting mouthwash for your kids is by finding the mouthwash brands that are formulated specifically for kids. You’ll want to make sure the mouthwash is alcohol-free.

The mouthwash made for kids is also in different flavors that appeal to kids, and they are milder than those meant for adults. Kids’ mouthwash is usually a fun color with cartoon characters featured on the bottle. Your child will most likely enjoy seeing his or her favorite superhero or cartoon character!

Dr. Kristina Neda and Dr. Jordan Smith strongly advise that you check for the ADA seal on the mouthwash you buy for your child. This seal confirms that the product underwent rigorous testing suitable for children to use.

When Can My Child Use the Mouthwash?

We asked our friends, Dr. Matt Laurich, a dentist in Livonia, MI, about kid’s mouthwash. Dr. Laurich says that generally, kids under six years of age should not use mouthwash. However, a professional may recommend that young kids use mouthwash only under necessary circumstances. Always make sure your child is supervised when using mouthwash. Rember, mouthwash should never be swallowed.

If you need pediatric dentistry in Georgetown KY, contact ThoroughDent Smiles and schedule an appointment so that your child’s dental care needs are addressed professionally. If you’re still unsure about which mouthwash can help your child, Dr. Kristina Neda or Dr. Jordan Smith can recommend the most suitable mouthwash for your child’s needs.