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Sedation Dentistry and Your Oral Health

From time to time we get asked about sedation dentistry and how it can help patients who experience heightened anxiety when visiting dentist offices.  Unfortunately, the phobia or fear of dentists is often a result of misguided information or a fear of the unknown. It can hinder your oral health and cause damage to your smile.  At Thoroughdent Smiles families trust us for great dental services, they know that we understand their anxiety and are here to help.  Sedation dentistry is an option for you and a wonderful way to care for your smile.

How can sedation dentistry help me?

If you have neglected an oral health issue or even your 6-month check-up due to anxiety, sedation dentistry  is your answer.  Our Georgetown, KY dentist staff first wants to meet with you before any procedures are even scheduled.  At this consultation appointment, we can discuss our sedation services so that you understand what is available to you.  Having the information in hand helps reduce anxiety because you now know what to expect.

Sedation Dentistry Services

Our Georgetown, KY dentist offers options when it comes to dental sedation.  Nitrous oxide is one solution and it is administered as a gas through a mask.  This option offers quick results with no after-effects. IV sedation is another option for more complex procedures, and we have trained staff on hand to monitor your procedure.

Does dental sedation work?

Absolutely!  The true goal of dental sedation is to find a solution that puts you and your anxiety at ease so that we can care for your smile.  Our solutions give you a relaxing environment; reducing your anxiety levels so that you can have your teeth cleaned or worked on depending on your needs.  The great benefit of dental sedation techniques is that if we can work together to provide a comfortable experience, you’ll be more likely to have your dental exam every 6 months.  With this kind of care, you avoid more complex procedures that are usually needed as a result of oral health neglect.

Schedule a consultation with our Georgetown, KY dentist to see how sedation dentistry will help you.  You deserve a great smile and it can be achieved in a calm environment where you feel at ease. We understand your fears and welcome the opportunity to help.  Check us out on Facebook to learn more or give us a call today.  Let us help you understand how our great dental care and sedation services can give you a beautiful smile.